The long, flat base

Notice how pyramids, as such, are functionally useless, and are not part of a construction repertoire, by which I do not mean pyramid shaped buildings, but actual pyramids. But emblematic they are and rightfully so. Engineering is more about bridges, road and rail lines of communication and various sorts of buildings, depending on function. Pyramids, though, are emblematic of human structures, not without reason. The repetitious work is greatest at the base, hardest higher up. Slavery is equal at any point. How many ground to dust to prevent the remains of one of two from being ground to dust?

From the top

We have a government that wants to grow and promote the intellectual capital of this country. How are we doing? The answer is probably surprisingly well despite, not because of, the government. This applies particularly to my field of IT. Translating requirements into an application is one thing, but translating efficiently, creatively and offering true value for money is something entirely different.

movabletpe, MTOS 4.3 or pro?

It is not quite knowing how to deal with this sort of thing that I am assuming applies to the MT codebase, OS and commercial, as well. So when I complain that the situation around MT is confusing I, at the same time, imagine that the reason is because the situation is complex. Now I do have something to add to this though. This is that there is a similarity in approach to creating a large web site where many intrinsic bits of code exist in various scripts and have been placed there over the years in, what is described as, an organic way, to what must happen in a community such as MT, both OS and commercial, over the years.