movabletpe, MTOS 4.3 or pro?

It is not quite knowing how to deal with this sort of thing that I am assuming applies to the MT codebase, OS and commercial, as well. So when I complain that the situation around MT is confusing I, at the same time, imagine that the reason is because the situation is complex. Now I do have something to add to this though. This is that there is a similarity in approach to creating a large web site where many intrinsic bits of code exist in various scripts and have been placed there over the years in, what is described as, an organic way, to what must happen in a community such as MT, both OS and commercial, over the years.

Realism Painting

Bitchy comments and other about my employer and employment probably wont. Who will read this? I really don't care that much. If the ideas are good enough when, or if, I review them, they may find another form of expression anyway. Since I want to cover ground from government contracts in IT to psychology, the spectrum is necessarily vast and I don't expect anyone else to necessarily keep up. It is enough that this is my medium for sorting through my ideas.

And here is my lovely bro ...

Image by leahculver via Flickr"Python, Ruby, Java" I remember this fire. Thinking about it it was quite a likely shop to catch...

round up

OK - what blogs do I have?Under MTOS 4.31art-ikon newsthis blog seems OK, although haven't explored author and feedback tags news...

not everything is perfect

Adding in the asset seem straightforward enough, but at the moment it looks terrible in its own page. argh, more messing about.b.t.w....

First Entry - New Blog

Brief intro to who I am, story making and science - more to come

Opps - what just happened

Finding my feet in the world of blogging