Realism Painting

Realism Painting
Realism Painting,
originally uploaded by art_ikon.
This is the most lovely Bella.
This blog is a mixed bag of entries, both fun and technical and other. There is no particular order. Think of it like this. I am using an alias so that i can express myself freely. This means experiment, say wrong things, do wrong things. Imagine that news@art-ikon is staging and art-ikon is the live version. Ideas that seems to work in some way may find there way into my other blog, under my own name.
Bitchy comments and other about my employer and employment probably wont.
Who will read this?
I really don't care that much. If the ideas are good enough when, or if, I review them, they may find another form of expression anyway.
Since I want to cover ground from government contracts in IT to psychology, the spectrum is necessarily vast and I don't expect anyone else to necessarily keep up. It is enough that this is my medium for sorting through my ideas.
And, b.t.w. this was posted into my blog from flickr.
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